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Photo online: Bf 109 E-7 w.3, 8./JG 5, May 1942


Perhaps this is of interest for someone. Originally posted as query by Martti Kujansuu at -forum (in this Finnish-language thread: ) was this interesting photo:
(as far as I could see this was the only German aircraft photo at the Pala Suomen historiaa -site)

This should be Leutenant Hans Lechte's mount - Bf 109 E-7 weisse 3, WNr. 5133 (not 5975 like I wrote first) - on his faithful mission May 9th, 1942. Hannu Valtonen's Luftwaffen pohjoinen rintama says Lecte parachuted but then went MIA. The victorious pilot was st. leutenant Kurzenkov from 78 IAP flying Hurricane.

The photo is said to be taken at Titovka airfield. Pretty remarkable landing without pilot, if the info given is correct. Plane looks almost intact.

I have no particular questions and the photo is served as a piece for Northern Airwar connoiseurs. Thanks have to also go towards Martti, because he found and posted the photo in the other forum first.


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