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Re: Photo online: Bf 109 E-7 w.3, 8./JG 5, May 1942

Originally Posted by Kari Lumppio View Post
This should be Leutenant Hans Lechte's mount - Bf 109 E-7 weisse 3, WNr. 5975 - on his faithful mission May 9th, 1942.
Hello Kari,

According to my files Lechte went missing in WNr.5133
Bf 109E-3 WNr.5133 09.05.42 8./JG5 Lt. Hans Lechte (verm.), Luftkampf mit Hurricane, 3km Titowka - 100% ws.3+ (E-7)

For WNr.5975, I have the following loss
Bf 109E-7 WNr.5975 10.05.42 5./JG5 Uffz. Heinz Bausch (verm.), Luftkampf, Ura Bucht - 100% ge.4+

best regards,
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