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Re: To John Beaman & Nick Beale - Thank you!!

Hello friends,

Ruy - who is running this forum as long as I can remember, more for us than his own interests - made a very personal and spontaneous public 'thank you' to two respected and wellknown contributors to the TOCH (and of course he might have thought of other people as well).

I am not only enjoying this gesture, knowing how many people start their frequent postings with 'need info about...' (I don't exclude myself), but a big 'Thank you' is a polite gesture as well, knowing how much info generously is given a few active researchers without receiving a proper acknowledgement.

I agree with Jörn (I often do!) that there are still lots of subjects which need further study and exchanges of thoughts rather than re-chewing old stuff over and over again. Bothering as that may be, we must also bring up some understanding for those who are new in this business, asking very basic questions.

Keep up the good work Ruy, we all owe you a big thank you for making it all possible and let us not forget Peter D. Evans with the Luftwaffe Experten Message Board, another respected forum for exchanges!

All the best, Marcel / Venlo
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