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Re: Typhoon Ursula - Sept 1945 - Formosa - 6 US a/c lost?


Casualties of 44-40491 were 5 US crew and 20 British POW. Of 44-42052 5 US crew and 11 US, 4 Dutch, 5 Australian POW. Names of all are on the web.

Of 44-40666 there were 12 POW killed and 13 survived (incl. 5 crew). They were picked up by a USN ship.
The MACRs you refer to cover two of above.

On 11 Sep 1945 there (also) was a USMC R4D-5 BuNo 17115 that "crashed in bad weather", but I could find no further details. Was with MAG-14.

As for C-54G 45-526 not sure if related to Typhoon Ursula. See


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