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109E of Oblt. Herbert Kijewski, StKap 5./JG3 8.40

The 109E-4 of 5./JG 3 St.Kap. Oblt. Herbert Kijewski was photographed during 8.40 carrying an unknown nickname ending in an "a" on the nose (See. Prien JFV Vol. 4/1 P.205, Photo #168). I believe that this is W.Nr. 1443 that crash-landed with 75% damage at Marquise, France, on 2.9.40 after an air battle over the channel, probably with Kijewski piloting. Does anyone have photos of this plane after it crash-landed, or know the nickname that this aircraft carried during this period? It could be the name of his wife or girlfriend. It probably would have had two victory tabs on the fin above the W.Nr.

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