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Re: 109E of Oblt. Herbert Kijewski, StKap 5./JG3 8.40

Hi Gentleman,
Just as a follow up the above thread, and refering to a/c of 5/JG3.
On the opposite page to Kijewski's Black 1+- there is a photo of a ME109E with the nickname! Schluck= Specht, this a/c also shows part of its kennziffern which maybe the top stroke of a 7? Can anybody confirm this a/c's identity, and also what the nickname translates to.

Also, W.Nr 1464 Black 8+- lost on the 5.9.40 is photographed below Oblt.Kijewski's a/c, is captioned with 2 kills. Anybody got any ideas to the
pilot of this Emil! He was lucky to be rescued by the German Seenotdienst
Air Sea Rescue unit.
Any help most appreciated.
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