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Re: 109E of Oblt. Herbert Kijewski, StKap 5./JG3 8.40

Robert Szoltyk has recently sent me a photo of a 109F from 5./JG 3 that has the same "Schluck+Specht" nickname as the photo Steve asked about. This IS a "Black 7." Reviewing the evidence and the large number of photos of other, known a/c from this Staffel during the Battle of Britain period, I'd say that the 109E with this nickname is almost certainly "Black 7," which Robert informs me means "Gas Gulper," or in more colloquial American English "Gas Guzzler." He thinks the photo shows a Lt., which would be a clue because it has to be someone who was still flying in the Staffel after the unit converted to the 109F in 1941 either as a Lt. or an Oblt.

So, we still need an a/c number for "Gretel" and pilot IDs for many of the ten or so 109Es for which photos exist from this Staffel during the Battle of Britain period.

Also, there appear to be at least four 109Es in 5./JG 3 that carried the nickname SCHNAUZL, after Uffz. Josef Heinzeller's pet terrier. Has anyone ever actually determined which one Heinzeller actually flew?

And finally, despite the appearance of many photos in recent months of Bf-109E "Black 8" from 5./JG 3 on eBay, and in Prien's Volume 4/II, I still can't determine if there is a nickname or a SCHNAUZL insignia on the cowling. Can anyone confirm this one way or the other? Has anyone identified the pilot of this aircraft, shown in several of those photos?

Anyone have photos of any other nicknames on the cowlings of 5./JG 3 109Es during 1940?

Thanks to all for contributing to this discussion.
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