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Re: 109E of Oblt. Herbert Kijewski, StKap 5./JG3 8.40

Hello Gentlemen,

the interesting fact of "Schluck=Specht" is that we have at least 3 different
"Schluck-Specht". The first one was "Schluck=Specht", then we have
"2. Schluck=Specht" and "3. Schluck=Specht"! Maybe this was the plane
Buddenhagen flew as he was killed at 25/Jun/1941. "Horst" the right name.

Maybe the "Black 8" is the well known "Gretel" but I'm not really sure.
I saw a photo group of "Black 8" and at some photos you could see the
nickname "Gretel". I hope Mr. Prien can help here.
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