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Re: Ex-Luftwaffe pilots in French Military Aviation After WWII

Originally Posted by Alex Smart View Post
How about Syria and Turkey ?

Regarding Syria I have found something. Two German pilots served at the Military aviation school in Aleppo as instructors, Fritz Stehle and Alwin Meyer (both former members of ZG 26 and JG 7). They also trained the nucleus of the Lebanese Air Force there.

Walther Schuck and Hartmann Grasser also served as instructors/ advisors to the Syrian Air Force but I haven't found any further details about their service there.

Another former Luftwaffe pilots who supposedly worked for the Syrian Air Force are:

-Siegfried Keil (or Keyl)
-Erwin Holm
-Herbert Liebker (or Luebkehr or Lübker)
-Hans Möhr

Jupp Förster (former NJG 2 and NJG 3 pilot) made his international pilot license 1948 in Lebanon in order to be employed by "Middle East Airlines".

Hope this helps!
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