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Re: Markings + codes of Bf 109 + Legion Condor


Early 109's are tricky to say the least!!
However if we keep in mind that in Spain the He 51 were decidedly outperformed with the Legion Condor, I am pretty convinced that for political reasons the Bf 109 were rushed over as soon as they could be built. If Willy could be stood on "trial" here, I also would be pretty certain that he would have NO idea what was an A model or B model, unless he could produce some documentation out of his back pocket. The early A models were not 100% the same, but included slight modifications as they were produced. Not even the exact same engine type was used (if Radinger/Schick are to be belived). According to both these gentlemen most of the A's were sent to Spain including its prototype WNr 760, the V3. That means we have a possible 17 A-airframes going to Spain.
I for one believe this is basically correct. Possibly the whole first batch, besides prototypes were A-models. Spain took basically a large number of what the Germans could produce at this stage. Has anyone ever sent prototypes of its future main fighter into a war conflict before? Politically it seems one was more or less possessed with winning the conflict....

By the way, can anyone produce a correct list to Patrick Laureau's 109 pages in his book Legion Condor? The first line, in the table on page 95 being out of line, makes his whole listing suspect. Anyone??

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