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F/Lt Gęca was shot down before fight with Luftwaffe fighters. Hit by Flak, his Mustang exploded, killing the pilot. When it happen bombs was still under wings.

My source is:
- "Elita Luftwaffe" by Robert Michulec -page 251/252

- Article about Mustang service in Polish Air Force by Piotr Wiśniewski ( Polish Magazine "Lotnictwo" No 5/2002)

However, weren't those Polish losses sustained during Ramrod 980 in the morning, with Mustangs of 306 Sqn, 315 Sqn and 129 Sqn in combat with JG 26? (Four Mustangs were shot down on this occasion - including three in air combat - while two Fw 190s were lost. Sources: Clark CD, Caldwell "JG 26 Diary" II/pp. 269 - 270, Franks "F-Com Losses".)

306 Sqn was twice in combat with German planes on this date. First one at 10:35 (Pont Audemer aera) with 3 a/c lost, and second at 18:00 (Argentan Caen aera - with no losses. Claims at all Bf-109, not I. and II./JG 26 Fw-190)
I'm looking at Tony Wood's Luftwaffe claims lists and see that time of fight with Mustang, according German pilots is 6:20 - 8:10.
10:35 for RAF it's 11:35 for Luftwaffe - It's I'm Right ?