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Re: KG51 and Armawir raid 4/5.Nov.42

Originally Posted by Andrey Kuznetsov View Post
Hello friends,

according to the KG51 chronicle written by W.Dierich, during the Soviet routine raid against Armawir airfield (overcrowded by Luftwaffe bombers) at night 4/5.Nov.42 a grand fire was inflicted. Only one bomber from II./KG51
remained undamaged.

Can't find serious losses of II./KG51 in GQM returns and in "Flugzeugbestand und Bewegungsmeldungen". But II./KG51 was removed from Armawir to Bagerowo and reequipped.

Any additional details are interesting (maybe about other units on Armawir airfield also).

Best regards,
Hello Andrey,

I would say Dierich give a wrong date. Not in november but in october Bewegungsmeldungen indicates 20 losses by II/KG51 which based in Armawir at that time. Some of these losses are also in GQM returns.

See also

Best regards,
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