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Re: crash of a F-104G north of Kandel, Germany

Originally Posted by Leendert View Post

Because 17.05.1966 isn't among the Luftwaffe F-104 write offs, I did some further digging.
It appears that the press reports were quite off mark. The crash involved a USAFE F-102A Delta Dagger (56-1090) of the Hahn AB based 496th FIS. Location was 5 miles from Pforzheim.

Perhaps F-104 crashes had become so common that a further jet crash was automatically thought to be another one of the type...


Leendert, no !

By researching accidents of Bitburg and Spangdahlem a/c of the 1950/60ies, I found out, that the press and other non-military involved were very quick aware, which a/c type and to which nation the accident should be blamed.

Well, in 1966, there was a hyper-reaction to the losses of F-104 in Germany by the press, but automaticcally thinking a military a/c crash in Germany must be an F-104 is too far.

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