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Marlatt is on a distinguished road
Crash in North Sea, August 26, 1944, 379th BG

Charles Marlatt, tail gunner, was one of two survivors of a crash in the North Sea on August 26, 1944. The ball turrett gunner survived, as well. They were on a mission to Germany and didn't make it back to Kimbolton, England. Does anyone remember my father? This was my father's third mission. He and the other survivor were picked up by the British Air Sea Rescue and taken to a hospital in Yarmouth, England. The ball turret gunner was released the next day. My father was more seriously injured and remained in the hospital in Yarmouth until he could be moved. Then he was sent back to Kimbolton, where he was in their hospital for quite a while. After declared well enough to fly again, he was sent from the 379th BG and the 527th BS in 8th Army Air Force to the 97th BG and the 342nd BS in Italy in November 1944. He flew his 4th mission on Christmas Day 1944. He continued to fly 22 missions for the 97th BG.
Does anyone remember Charles J. Marlatt?
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