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Re: Crash of JU88 Wnr885823 of KG76 on 21/6/43

Gilles, just a suggestion, but it would be interesting to discover how the accident ocurred?
Did the top rudder collided with the power lines? Was it the horizontal stabilizer? Was it one of the wingtips (if so they rotated and lost energy when one of the wings hit the terrain first)?

We did have recently (just before Xmas) in Brazil a civilian accident (C-90 King Air) which collided with power lines and the airplane just lost power and almost dived into the ground vertically, without forward energy. It was most weird, but the fuselage broke in two or more places, without props being bent backwards. So, like Chris put with propriety, it all depends of how it ocurred. I do not know if Luftwaffe crash reports have survived WW2...I doubt.

MAYBE, the pilot may have written to his Family or wife about this incident, who knows? Maybe a letter exist somewhere (or not) which can give us a clue about this accident.

I have seen WW2 letters where such kind of incidents are related softly, but with some interesting details (KG 27). So, perhaps if the relatives of the pilot are still alive in NZ, you may be able to check or verify with them if such a letter or Flugbuch entry does exist (it is however a very very "sniper" long super long shot!). You may be lucky, or not.

Semper Fi.
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