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Re: Fighter pilots chicken?

France was not the only country to be beaten for there were three others including the UK,

The United kingdom was NOT BEATEN

One of the main anti-French liars certainly was Peter Townsend. His disgusting attack(s) were particularly noxious because he was a well-known RAF hero of WW II, or so he told us

Peter Townsend was awarded a DFC in April 1940 . was shot down into the sea twice and was then awarded a bar to the DFC on 6th Sept 1940.

This traitor

Peter Townsend was NEVER a Traitor, to Britain or its people.

He was a filthy phoney.

Townsend was NO phoney.

His scoreboard shows otherwise
1/3rd share in the First German a/c shot down onto British soil.
Total of 9 and 2 Shared Destroyed, 2 probables and 4 Damaged.

this is part of WW II history

I think not

What is though, is the FACT that the ONLY French Air Unit to evacuate to the UK from Europe was one of the Polish manned Units within the French AF.
Those maned by Frenchmen, What became of those Units ?
They joined the enemy and turned on their one time allies .
Who were Traitors ?

Certain people these days try with great litterary fervour and long arguement to twist the facts .

To what end ?

Why do they wish to change history ?

Have they a Hidden agenda ?