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Re: Italian FW190's?

In a simple word, no.

Italy never get hold of Focke Wulf Fw 190s and as far as it is possible to ascertain until today, no Italian pilot was ever trained on it.

So, the vision of not one, but two Fw 190s with "Italian markings" (as long as we could understand what was meant by Mr. Heglund with that) and even flying over France must be completely dismissed, being one of the thousands mistaken identifications that took place in aerial warfare (even Fiat G.50s were sighted and claimed over Rumania before Allied pilots learnt that these were IAR 81s...).

No matter how much in good faith, the Norwegian pilot saw something that he connected with "Italian markings", but clearly was something else.

This sighting parallels with another of alleged "FW 290s" (later translated into Fw 190Ds) which Allied pilots reported encountering on Southern France (!) at a time when this version wasn't still being delivered to Luftwaffe units...

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