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Re: What about JFV 13?

The manuscript for JFV 13/I dealing with Reichsverteidigung from January 1st to June 5th, 1944, is complete and awaits final corrections and additions. The first 150 or so photos have been inserted, the rest will be dealt with over the next two to three weeks. Maps so far are not finalised. There is a distinct space problem as the text alone, i.e. without photos etc., stands at about 475 pages despite all attempts at gaining space for the photos with the publishers demand not to exceed 500 pages (he will have to be brave in this case I'm afraid ... ). We hope to remedy these problems and to be able to deliver the manuscript to the publisher in October. Then it's up to him to to decide the date at which it will appear.

I will come back to JFV 13/II etc. in due course.

Kind regards

Jochen Prien
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