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Re: What about JFV 13?

Unfortunately it's time for another up-date rather than for the annoumcement of the release of Vol. 13/I - the manuscript had been delivered to the publisher in October last year as had the majority of the photos with just some 40 images pending. I will spare you the details and cut a truly un-nerving long story short but it has been found out by now that these photos apparently no longer exist. They will therefore have to be painstakingly re-traced and restored which will be completed by early June. So the current schedule calls for delivery to the printer in July and publication - hopefully - the same month.

The only good thing about this delay is that we have received some very nice unpublished images from I./JG 11 which have thus found their way into the manuscript, small consolation as that may be.

As of now we can only hope that we will not encounter the same problems with the future volumes.

Will Keep you posted


Jochen Prien
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