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Re: Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 10

Dear Jim P.,

no, it is not our intent to further include the service of the Schlachtgruppen nor of the reconnaissance units ( F, H or NAG ) although it is definitely tempting since both types of units were involved in aerial combats and reported a substantial number of claims. But for the time being it would be just too much to deal with. To be honest, we had some discussions amongst the team whether or not to include II.(S)/LG2 at all and finally arrived at the solution that you can see - the Gruppe is dealt with until the end of the Balkans Campaign and no further. This was born out by the fact that we had researched it up to that point and didn't want to waste what we had found. Surely not exactly a logical argument but then I think it didn't do the whole thing any harm.

I personally have been contemplating doing something on the Bf 109's in recce units as I have quite a lot of interesting material on that subject, but for the time being it is the JFV series which has absolute priority, if I ever live to see it reaching the end. So, no promises made with respect to the recce units.


Jochen Prien
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