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Re: Jagdfliegerverbände 10/II

Looks like the wait is over, just received a (complimentary) copy of JVL 10/II direct from Struve Druck!

473 filled pages

Reichsverteidigung 1-1- to 31-12-1943

40p introduction, mainly about the aircraft, but also including weapons and radio direction/control.

173p JG 1

130p JG 3

5p I/JG4

125p Stab, I. & II./JG 11

Rest to follow in JVL 10/III

Looking forward to digging in.

A special thanks to Jochen Prien, Gerhard Stemmer, Peter Rodeike, Winfried Bock and Struve Druck for providing me yet again with such a great (gift) book!
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