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Re: LG1 losses 16/17-12-44 to 25/26-12-1944

Thanks again Hucks the other ones I have are :-
1/ L1+KM took off from Aalhorn at 1730hrs on 23-12-44 fell to a N/F at 2000hrs near Hannut

Ff Fw Albert Johanntges - POW injured
B Uffz Joachim Flaskamper- POW injured
Bf Ogef Willy Conrad - POW
Bm Uffz Rodow - fate unknown

2/ L1+CN took off Aalhorm around 2330 hrs 23-12-44, attacked by a N/F then became lost, crew baled out near Nijmegen 0435hrs on 24th

FF Uffz Hans Fischer -POW
B Ogef Theodor Vychodil - POW
Bf Uffz Hermann Hubner - believed came down behind German lines
Bm Uffz Walter Strube - believed came down behind German lines


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