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Re: Top ace of the calendar year

Good evening Gentlemen,

I have 39 kills for Josten in 1945, too.

I have 71 JG3 kills for Dahl (1941-1944), 14 kills for Dahl between 7Jul44 and 5Dec44 in JG300, 11 kills between 27Jan45 and 21Feb45 in JG300, and 7 kills in Mar/Apr with EJG2. This is nearly analogous to your findings and it leaves at least 25 kills of the calendar year 1945 open to debate.
Interestingly, these authors seem to have believed him:
  • Toliver/Constable (1968): 128 kills total
  • Musciano (1982): 128 kills total
  • Forsyth (2011): 126 kills total
  • Weal (2013): 129 (!) kills total
  • Schumann: 128 kills total


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