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Re: Top ace of the calendar year

Hi Guys

I believe Dahl had unconfirmed claims amongst his alleged 129, I have found thirteen unconfirmed for him. I would say his confirmed was ninety+ of which eighteen+ for 1945. I also agree that Josten was the top ace of 1945, Brendel a close second with thirty-five, Josten also had many unconfirmed during 1945, at least seven including four on 20th February due to no witness.

For 1943 Nowotny had 194 confirmed claims Nr.62-255.

For 1944 Hartmann had 177 confirmed claims Nr.160-336

Best month Emil Lang with sixty-eight in October 1943 Nr.22-89

Best day seventeen by Marseille 1st September 1942 Nr.99-115, and Lang 3rd November 1943 Nr.98-114, possibly also August Lambert during 1944(evidence lacking)

Don't think Nowotny Hartmann and Lang were very honest, but Josten, Marseille and Brendel were.....perhaps Marseille was the best ever.

Kind Regards

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