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Re: Top ace of the calendar year

Hi Michael

surely Nowotny and Kittel outscored Lang in the Fw190, not sure when each stopped flying the Bf109.

Another statistic for you.......ACE in a day i.e pilots that had five or more confirmed claims in a day, unfortunately it looks like the majority are those deemed "overclaimers", but the most such days is seventeen by both Nowotny and Hartmann, others are:-

Rudorffer 13
Weissenberger 12
Batz 12
Kirscher 11
Schuck 9
Hans Phillip 9
Franz Dorr 9
Kittel 8
Marseille 8
Graf 8
Wolfrum 7
Norz 7
Emil Lang 7
Hafner 7
Ehrler 6
Oskar-Heinz Bär 6
Barkhorn 6
Gollob 6
Stotz 6
Jennewein 5
Josten 5
Gerhard Hoffmann 5
Dickfeld 5
Birkner 5
Oskar Romm 5

For the biggest days, again the majority are by those deemed "overclaimers"

No details about August Lambert's, but we are led to believe 17, 14, and 12(17th April 1944) SG units seemed not to add there claims to the daily sheets at the exact time they were claiming lots, but a couple of flugbuch suggest Lamberts possible.

After Marseille and Lang's seventeens:-

Hubert Strassel 15 on 5th July 1943 (nr.38-52)
Wilhelm Batz 15 on 31st May 1944 (nr.141-155)
Erich Rudorffer 14 on 6th November 1943(nr.104-117)
Franz Schall 13 on 31st August 1944(nr.97-109)
Johannes Wiese 12(plus 1 unconfirmed) on 5th July 1943 (nr.70-81)
Lang 12 on 21st October 1943 (nr.57-68)
Adolf Dickfeld ~11 on 8th May 1942 (nr.63-73)
Walter Wolfrum 11 on 30th May 1944 (nr.79-89)
Walter Schuck 11 on 17th June 1944 (nr.102-112)
Erich Hartmann 11 on 24th August 1944 (nr.291-301)
Schall 11 on 26th August 1944 (nr.83-93)
Rudorffer 11 on 28th October 1944 (nr.194-204)
Hermann Graf 10 on 23rd September 1944 (nr.188-197)
Maximilian Stotz 10 on 30th December 1942 (nr.120-129)
Nowotny 10 on 24th June 1943 (nr.115-124)
Nowotny 10 on 1st September 1943 (nr.174-183)
Lang 10 on 13th October 1943 (nr.47-56)
Hartmann 10 on 26th February 1944 (nr.193-202)
Wolfrum 10 on 16th July 1944 (Nr.114-123)

Hopefully someday we will come across some useful documents regarding Lambert.

Kind Regards

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