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Re: Dornier 217 crashed in Salerno 16 sept. 1943

It is clear that aircraft from II./KG 100 and III./KG 100 were operating from Foggia during the missions over Salerno. In fact, some never left. According to contemporary British intelligence reports, seven Do 217 K-2 aircraft of III./KG 100 were left behind: 6N+BW(Wk.Nr. 4550), 6N+KR (Wk.Nr. 4560), 6N+HT (Wk.Nr. 4517) and an aircraft with uncertain markings (Wk.Nr. 4564), 6N+BT (Wk.Nr. 4535), 6N+RT (Wk.Nr. 4571), and 6N+CT (Wk.Nr. 4557). In addition, two Do 217 E-5 aircraft were abandoned: 6N+KP (Wk.Nr. unknown) and 6N+GP (Wk.Nr. 5615). Interesting, none of these aircraft are even mentioned in Balke’s appendix on KG 100 aircraft losses. They are probably all victims of the air raid on Foggia on 19 September, or perhaps one of two earlier raids.
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