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Re: Fighter unit deployments during the Phony War

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I was re-reading some of my old material & a thought just suddenly popped into my head. Can anybody tell me where the various German fighter gruppen/Geschwadern were deployed along the Western Border during the Phony War? I am especially interested in the units opposite the French Border.

Thanks, ahead of time.

Good evening

Short before May 10th, 1940, you find in the northern section (land-border Luxemburg and France) the units of Jagdfliegerführer 3 (Ja Fü 3):

- Stab, I. + III./JG 2 in Frankfurt
- Stab + III./JG 53 in Wiesbaden
- I./JG 76 in Mainz
- Stab + I./ZG 2 and I./JG 53 in Darmstadt-Griesheim
- II./JG 53 and Stab + III./JG 52 in Mannheim-Sandhofen
- I./JG 52 in Lachen-Speyerdorf
- II./JG 52 in Speyer

In the southern part (Rhine-river border to France), V. Flieger Korps was responsible:

- Stab + I./JG 54 and II./JG 51 in Böblingen

Hope this helps.

Best wishes !

Horst Weber
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