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Could be the WNr, also could be the WNr or part no of some sub-assembly (more likely).

They did have the E in Jagdgruppe Drontheim at this time. Please remember - the JGr Drontheim was much like an OTU was in the RAF, a unit to train pilots for later front service.

They did have about a Staffel (varying between 6 and 12 aircraft) which were operating as a coastal protection unit in the vicinity of Trondheim, using Lade, Ørlandet and Værnes as their bases, often they tended to be spread out on these bases. It seems that this Einsatzstaffel was equipped with the Bf 109T for a period of time, while the training flights were made in aircraft ranging from Ar 66 through Bf 109D and E, of various subtypes (and others also that I cannot mention on the fly).

In my opinion, to state that at this or that time JGr Drontheim used Bf 109T or Bf 109E exclusively is not possible, and it is also a known fact that they used what was available at the time of take-off. These aircraft were damaged to lesser or greater extent ALL the time, in take-off accidents, landing accidents, accidents on the ground etc etc etc, and were constantly fluctuating in and out of the roster of action-ready aircraft.

If You are on readiness and Your Bf 109T doesn't start, You sprint to the nearest aircraft which is cleared by the ground personnel and You strap in fast as %&%/!! And most of the time You do not care if the aircraft is yellow, green or pink or if it is coded White 10, Green 2 or Purple 13.


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