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Georg-Peter Eder Jet ace confirmation?

Hi Guys

Another strange caser for us to investigate. Georg-Peter Eder has been widely credited with at least twelve Jet kills, jet evidence is completely lacking, and lacking where there should be some.
Ekdo.262 became Kom.Now, which became Jg7, the mikrofilms cover the period 5th August 1944 until 3rd December 1944, yet absolutely no Eder claims are amongst them, yet we are informed that he was injured out of the war on 22nd January 1945...… a period of fifty day to make his twelve claims!
Firstly was Eder truly actually injured out on 22nd January 1945....One for Matti here>
Secondly personally I believe he was a honest claimer, but that's my feeling, can that be proved. Attached is his abschusselist with witnesses, these vary, and sometimes two per kill, also very accurate crash-sites as these come from his abscussemeldung themselves. What goes against this is his association with JG2, though as we have seen before JG2 pilots were not all making false claims.

So in short, was he wounded out on 22nd January 1945, was he honest. If he was dis-honest in his claiming(think of Walther Dahl) then perhaps the twelve jet kills come from himself, and then I guess we can disregard the figure.

Kind Regards

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