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Re: Georg-Peter Eder Jet ace confirmation?


relating to Georg-Peter Eder´s "jet evidence":
Eder joined Kommando Nowotny in October 1944, made his very first Me262-flight with this unit and for example witnessed the deadly crash of Olt Paul Bley with a Me262 shortly after taking off from Achmer on 28.10.44.

After disbandment of the Kommando (due to the dead of Major Nowotny on 8. November 1944) and establishment of JG7, Eder became Staffelkapitän of 9./JG7 until 22.February (not January) 1945. On this day during an attack on a bomber formation, the left Jumo004 engine was hit by counter-fire and he had to bail out from his burning Me262 (WNr. 110 778). Due to contact with his plane´s fuselage or tail he suffered injuries to his head and left leg, which were severe enough that he was hospitalized until the end of war.

According to the Manfred Boehme´s book "Jagdgeschwader 7, die Chronik eines Me 262 Geschwaders 1944/45" there is a RLM document confirming that Eder achieved 11 victories between 01.10.1944 and 01.01.1945 with a total of then 64 victories (see page 84 in the book).

All of Eder´s personal photos and late war notes were "liberated" by his interrogator after war.

Regards, Karl
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