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Aircraft that did not quite produce a full top ace

Good afternoon Gentlemen,

I'm a passionate collector of top-aces-by-plane.
However, some aircraft did not manage to get included in my collection.
The following aircraft had top pilots who did not achieve 5 or more kills in that aircraft for the various reason indicated:
  • Blackburn Skua: William Lucy, 3,33 [0+7sh] kills
  • Bristol Blenheim: Reginald Peacock, 3,67 [3+2sh] kills
  • Cant Z.506: Pietro Bonannini, at least 5 kills as gunner
  • Dornier Do 24: GŁnther Weisshuhn, 13 (dubious)
  • Fairey Firefly: John Stott, 3,5 [2+3sh] kills
  • Gloster Sea Gladiator: Charles Keighly-Peach, 3,5 [3+1sh] + 1 probable
  • Grumman Avenger: Charles Henderson, 4 + 1 probable
  • Hawker Sea Hurricane: Rupert Brabner, 4,5 [4+1sh] and Richard Cork, 4,25 [4+1sh]
  • Kawasaki Ki-100: Jiro Asano, 3-10 kills
  • Mitsubishi F1M: Masaji Nioshiwaki, 3-5 kills
  • Polikarpov I-15bis: Georgi Agafonov, Pjotr Bityutski, Vassili Yefremov, Aleksandr Mironenko und Pjotr Petrov variously pronounced aces of that type, not valid according to Mikhail Bykov, Liu Shi-Sheng 3+7sh kills adding up to a value of less than 5
  • Reggiane Re.2000: Imre Panczel, 4-5
  • Reggiane Re.2005: Vittorio Minguzzi 3,08 [2+4sh] and Giulio Torresi 4+3sh
  • Supermarine Seafire: Richard Reynolds, 3,5 [2+3sh]
  • Vickers Wellington: John Robertson, 12 as gunner (dubious)

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