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Re: Percentage of Verifiable Victories of Various Aces –Updates & Recommendations

I'm inclined to go with Denes. My perspective is that if the a/c was rendered 'unservicable' or required extensive repairs to bring back to service - it fits 'destroyed' category.

In my research on the 355th there are several cases where the pilot escaped the combat (damaged) but was lost later due to running out of fuel, crash landing in England, or just disappeared after a combat and reporting in 'OK". I assign those to Lost in Air Combat.

For those of you researching Luftwaffe Claims (not just awards) for 4 Oct 1943, 29 January 1944, 28 May 1944, 12 September 1944 and 7 April 1945 - contact me and I will give you the encounter times and locations.

I also know the 355th lost one P-51 near Warsaw to Me 109s but find no claims for JG51 on September 18, 1944.


Bill Marshall
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