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Re: Delta-shaped Aircraft over France in 1944

Here is information about Wibault's post-war work for the British:

The subject of experimental delta shaped aircraft is not comprehensively covered in any one book. However, more information about post-war disc aircraft research and construction by the Americans has surfaced. A key figure was one Alfred Loedding who came from an immigrant German family and spoke fluent German. "Amongst Loedding's close personal friends were some of the world's top scientists, who included Robert Goddard, Alexander Lippisch and Theodore von Karman. Both Loedding and von Karman were heavily involved with the study and assessment of captured German military aviation technology..." Loeeding worked for T-2 Technical Intelligence at Wright Field (he also worked at T-3 Engineering). A photo of his little known Discplane has been published.

In the early 1950s, the USAF contracted with the A.V. Roe Company of Canada to build a jet powered disc aircraft. The Avrocar was a cover for the sophisticated Project Silver Bug. Its official designation was Project 1794. This was superseded by an improved version under the designations PV.704, then Project 1794 (again) and finally, Weapons System 606A (Supersonic Apllication) which was also the designation given to the Avrocar. The Canadian government also contributed funding. In the early 1960s, AVRO ceased operations and personnel were recruited by American contractors and NASA. There is also the politically motivated cancelling of the AVRO CF-105 Arrow to consider.

Source: Flying Saucer Aircraft by Bill Rose, published by Midland Publishing in the UK. It also covers some designs by Wibault and the disc built by Rene Couzinet (Aerodyne) in France which was begun in the early 1950s and patented in 1955. Photos of the 29 ft (8.84 m) model are shown.

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