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Re: Status Update Jagdflliegerverbände Vol 9/I

I can not agree with you. The biggest volume is Vol. 5 with 620 pages. If you look at that volume it is as big as you can go. The size is approx. the same as Vol. 3 and Vol. 4 of the JG 77 series. If you make the book bigger than that, you can't handle it easily and it will break up on the long run. Part I and II of Volume 8 are the smallest, part I 364 pages and part II 354 pages, that's 718 pages in total. The question would be if you want to reduce that number of pages for sake of getting it in a 620 pages volume. I want as much data as possible, so give me two volumes, or for Vol. 9 three or four volumes whatever is necessary. What do you think will happen when we come to the end of 1943 and into 1944? The scale of operations will lead to multiple volumes. If the data is there, I will pay. Of course it is up to you and other potential buyers to decide otherwise, but until now I found every volume of Jochen Prien worth the money. Regards, John.
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