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Re: Lancaster II LL 731 514.Sqdn 12.Sept.1944


These are the matching German claims detals:

Lt. Fred Hromadnik: 6 9./NJG4 4-mot 5-20 km N. Trier (RO): 2.400 m. 23.35 514 Sqn Lancaster LL731. Note: also claimed by Flak of 1.-3./schw. Flak Abt. 430 (Eisb.) (‘Halifax Kordel Pl.Q. RO 7, 3500 m 23.31 hrs’), Flak claim marked by OKL: ‘Jäger?’

Were any photos taken of the crash site/wreckage of LL731 during the war?

Cheers, Theo
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