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Re: Soviet Boston lost over Strait of Kerch on 29.12.43?

Thanks a lot for Your answer, Andrey.
I'm not doing any research on this incident. Just reading the newer translation (2003) to Finnish of the Das Tagebuch des Hauptmann Lipfert and became curious. I read the the older translation (1978 at least 20 years ago and liked the book very much, the newer translation is much better, especially on aviation terms. I have became curious on how well the Lipfert's story hold water. On this occasion it might hold well if there were Soviet fighters around. 2 Bf 109s at least attacked a twin engined single tail a/c which crashlanded. According to Lipfert he and his wingman came out from the sun for a high speed attack, opened fire and went to deck with Soviet fighters on hot pursuit. After Soviet fighters turn away Germans made a wide circle, took more altitude and made one diving strafing attack on the smouldering wreck and then flew away on deck.
Germans might have thought that they were ambushing a high ranking Soviet officer but Soviets were in times very cunning to spread misinformation by "careless" use of radio so the German supposion might have been entirely false. Of course sometimes Germans learned lot from Soviet radio traffic.

But again, thanks a lot.

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