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Re: Soviet Boston lost over Strait of Kerch on 29.12.43?

Hello Andrey
I asked on the dorsal turret only because IMHO it's easier to mistook Li-2 with a dorsal turret for Boston than the normal Li-2 for Boston. Lipfert didn't mention any defensive fire.

The high ranking officer isn't so important, there are many explanation on that, for example those mentioned by marsyao. IMHO there is even a possibility that Soviets were using the Li-2 as a bait, guessing that missinformation on high ranking officer would tempted Germans to sent one of their aces to eliminate such a target and so maybe give an opportunity to eliminate the German. Or at least to deceive Germans to put an effort at the time which Soviets could predict. But this is purely a speculation.

Thanks for Your help
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