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Re: Gerhard Beutin 3/JG 54 claims

Some updates:

I-153 "Tchaika"
Raid on Krasnogwardeisk (Gatschina) a/f
71 IAP, 61 AB, VVS KBF. Losses include Major Zakharov and A A Voloshin forcelanded WIA, was rescued by German troops but then all were killed by Soviet artillery fire

La-5 ("LaGG-5")
PQ 10144 @ 2300m
2 GIAP. Gv. Lt. Georgiy Bolshov and Gv.Ml.Lt. Vladimir Akimov both KIA, Gv.Ml.Lt. Niolay Klochkov MIA
(Olsen and Winkler accounted for the other two losses)

IL-2 Sturmovik
PQ 00253 @ 50m
(Titze claimed as well)
Two claims for 15 GShAP. Kapitan Nikolay Smirnov WIA, Serzhant Fyodor Seryogin KIA

21.2.43/0939 and 0945
2 x La-5s
PQ 00421 @ 3000m and PQ 00451 @ 1000m
(Titze claimed as well)
2 GIAP. Two losses, including Ivan Skrypnik, returned after 6 days and Mlt. Lt. Konstantin Fonaryov KIA

Kolpino area (PQ 00273) @ 2000m
(Goetz, Fischer and Loos also claimed)
3 GIAP-KBF. At least one loss: Serzhant Afanasi Mefodevich Lobko WIA (leg amputated on 6.3.43) and POW (25.2.43). Ended up in Majdanek, liberated 24.7.44. One source attributes him specifically to Goetz

La-5 ("LaGG-5")
PQ 10123 @ 1000m
(Philipp and Adameit claimed as well)
These three were the La-5s of St.Lt. Genadiy Vladimirovich Smirnov, Maj. Viktor Ivanovich Kuznetsov (CO of 236 IAP and Gen.Maj. Grigori Panteleyevich Kravchenko (CO 215 IAD) all KIA

23.2.43/1141 and 1143
2 x IL-2 Sturmoviks
PQ 10153 @ 200m and PQ 10152 @ 150m
281 ShAD. St.Lts. Tomoshev and Isbekov

14.3.43/1450 and 1455
2 x Yak-7Bs (mistaken for LaGG-3s)
30km SSE of Staraya Russa (PQ 18414) @ 2000m
(Nowotny claimed 2 as well)
875 IAP overclaiming, only two losses
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