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RAF raid on Gdynia, 18/19 Dec 1944

Hi all,

Lately very interests me activity of Allied aviation over region in which I live. For example I seek of all relating information this of mission:

Mon 18/Tue 19 Dec 1944
Raid on Gdynia, Poland (236 Lancasters - 4 lost)

I assembled hitherto such informations -
44. Sqn
L7540 KM-J

106. Sqn
NN726 ZN-D shot down Pilot F/L Marcus Sydney Francis Pritchard
ND501 ZN-O

207. Sqn
NE168 EM-F
NG144 EM-G shot down Pilot F/L David Graham Buchanan (RNZAF)
LM671 EM-S shot down Pilot F/L John D. White

227. Sqn
PB723 9J-W shot down Pilot F/O Andre J.R.Wilson

463. Sqn
ED733 JO- - Pilot F/O Howells.F.J. (RAAF)
LM130 JO-N - Pilot F/O Farrow.G.H. (RAAF)
LM217 JO-E - Pilot F/O Belford.A.C. (RAAF)
ME298 JO-B - Pilot F/L Huxtable.D.C. (RAAF)
ME325 JO-O - Pilot F/O Hicks.S.R. (RAAF)
ME327 JO-X - Pilot Sqd./L Padgham.J. (RAF)
ME329 JO-S - Pilot F/O Ward-Smith.B. (RAAF)
NG193 JO-U - Pilot F/O Hyland.F.E. (RAAF)
NG329 JO-Z - Pilot F/L Lincoln.G.E. (RAAF)
NN721 JO-T - Pilot F/O Peart.L.C. (RAAF)
PB264 JO-H - Pilot F/O West.R.F. (RAF)
PB639 JO-R - Pilot F/L Penman.J.G. (RAAF)
PB688 JO-M - Pilot F/O Halstead.R.H. (RAAF)
PB804 JO-A - Pilot F/O Leonard.R.A. (RAAF)
PD330 JO-F - Pilot F/O Smith.F.H. (RAAF)

467. Sqn
R5868 PO-S - Pilot F/L Shanahan P.K. (RAAF)
JA909 PO-E - Pilot F/L Bache. M.G. (RAAF)
LM642 PO-K - Pilot F/O Robinson A.N.G.
LM646 PO- - Pilot F/O Allamby.N.V (RAF)
LM677 PO-V - Pilot F/O Eggins.R.B. (RAAF)
LM686 PO-X - Pilot F/O Stewart G.H. (RAAF)
NF908 PO-C - Pilot F/O Morris.H.J. (RAAF)
NG197 PO-G - Pilot F/L Bullock. A.E. (RAAF)
NG366 PO- - Pilot F/O Gray-Buchanan.P.R. (RAAF)
PA169 PO-H - Pilot S/L Broad. E.G. (RAAF)
PA187 PO-F - Pilot F/O Boxsell.W.K (RAAF)
PB306 PO-J - Pilot F/L Colley.N.S.C. (RAF)
PB726 PO-B - Pilot F/O Pilkington.G.A. (RAF)
PB754 PO-U - Pilot F/O Lillecrapp.I.F. (RAAF)
PB762 PO-B - Pilot F/O Smith T.E.M. (RAAF)
PB806 PO-W - Pilot F/L Baker. L.W. (RAAF)
PD231 PO-T - Pilot P/O Thomas.E.W. (RAAF)
PD362 PO-Y - Pilot F/L Cross.J.J. (RAAF)

Very little. Is lacking of many Squadrons and planes
I am hopeful that at your help I will manage to enlarge this list. I seek of information on theme aircraft's serial number, squadron and aircraft code, crew list of other planes.
Very I count on Your help

Best regards,
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