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Re: Exact time of end of the war in Europe?

Originally Posted by Roger Gaemperle View Post
Hello everyone,

I have conflicting wartime documents regarding the exact time of the end of the war in Europe. The surrender document signed by Jodl ion 0241 hours on 7 May 1945 states 23:01 CET 8 May:

A telegram sent by Dönitz to Ritter von Greim mentions that the surrender agreement was signed at 0241hours on 7 May 1945, but states that every ongoing combat activity had to be abandoned only on 0100 hours on 9 May 1945 German summer time (which, as far as I could find out, was basically CET).

So, why the difference?

I would trust an authenticated wartime document as opposed to an entry in wikipedia. And more than one 'surrender' document was signed.
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