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Re: V1 interceptions in East Sussex

All things are possible, but I still feel that 3 Squadron "preferred" cannon rather than wing tipping, unless out of ammo, which is not the case from eye witness description......But I wasn't there so not dismissing.

For the purpose of the Parish Council, it would be "useful" if he "saved the village/school/church" by his interception of the V1, but unless I have proof (and the only V1 airburst is 1st August, and therefore NOT involved) then the interest is considerably less.
I know of one other V1 close to the village, but that was a ground explosion so difficult to see how that would have caused his Tempest to crash, and I don't know the date to link to 6th August.

I had hoped that we might have experts knowing V1 launches or fates but looks as if I'll have to see what ESRO at The Keep might divulge....
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