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Re: V1 interceptions in East Sussex

Just thinking out aloud.

1. It may not have been 3 Squadron's usual attack profile to wing-tip a V-1 but if Mackerras was trying to save the village, could he have wing-tipped it to alter the V-1's course? If he opened fire would there have been the possibility of the V-1 wreckage still hitting the village?

2. V-1s are solidly built. Shooting at one - even without exploding the warhead - may result in a lot of solid wreckage and debris coming back at the attacking Tempest. Is there a possibility of accidental collision with a sizable chunk of V-1 wing or engine causing Mackerras to suffer an injury or lose consciousness? The rest of the V-1 would still continue flying long enough for it to impact the ground.

- converting fuel into noise.
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