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Re: V1 interceptions in East Sussex

No, I don't think they're red herrings but a plausible explanation as to why no third V1 (the mid air exploded V1 was on 1st August with no damage to property, so wrong date) and the only other known was a ground impact causing damage to buildings and thus not a mid air explosion which is what I thought was needed to damage the Tempest.

Your very detailed descriptions of wing tipping and its consequences makes the second V1 plausible - IF I can correlate that to the 6th August.

Not only that, but it gives a good reason for not using cannon, as overshoots could have impacted the village and wing tipping required to steer the V1 away from the village.

Without becoming too melodramatic, it does appear that he could have sacrificed his life to save lives in our village - once by refraining to use cannon fire and the second by tipping the V1.

Thanks for the insights
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