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Re: Camouflages & Marques De L' Aviation Francaise 1939-1945

Originally Posted by Stig Jarlevik View Post
Since I am not particularly interested in the camouflage used, I am far more interested in the markings applied to aircraft.
Good then as the book is mostly about markings.

Originally Posted by Stig Jarlevik View Post
Back in 2000 CJE wrote issue No 1 of Aero Editions Camouflage and markings French Air Force 1938-1945.

On page 53 he began to list the French AF "buzz numbers" (an odd way of calling the true serial numbers of Adl'A) which unfortunately was very incomplete. Does the present book enlarge on this subject at all?
I have not this issue but I'm sure what you are referring are "buzz numbers" (painted under the wings). They were created as such and never used by the Armée de l'Air as serial numbers... They used the serial number painted on the tail.

You'll found a list of equivalence between serial numbers and buzz numbers in the book. But I have no idea if it is more complete than the other previously published (the only other I know was in Avions).

Originally Posted by Stig Jarlevik View Post
From what Alfred states, it sounds like the book is more or less a pictorial, which is a bit disappointing to me, even if unknown photos are always interesting to look at.
Better a good photo and good profile than extensive text when the subject is camouflage and markings IMHO. I am not sure what you are looking for, but the book is a much comprehensive as it could be and I doubt you won't find what you are lookin for in it about markings. CJE always go straigt forward to the topic, display the big picture and did not waste word.
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