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Re: Camouflages & Marques De L' Aviation Francaise 1939-1945

Originally Posted by Alfred.MONZAT View Post

I have not this issue but I'm sure what you are referring are "buzz numbers" (painted under the wings). They were created as such and never used by the Armée de l'Air as serial numbers... They used the serial number painted on the tail.

You'll found a list of equivalence between serial numbers and buzz numbers in the book. But I have no idea if it is more complete than the other previously published (the only other I know was in Avions).
Thanks Alfred

Now, if the serial numbers (painted under the wings) were simple buzz numbers, I cannot understand why Adl'A went to such length to come up with the system they actually did? There are/were far easier ways to do that.

Well CJE never did anything trivial or indifferent in his writing life, so maybe I end up buying the book after all....

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