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Some pages of the book


Please found below some pages of the book .

Extract 1 :
page from history chapter containing :

photos of operationnal Fw 190D-9s , tables , and maps for the location of the airfields uses in operation by units equipped with Dora9. The text reviews each enventfull day of operationnal life of Fw 190D-9 .

Extract 2 & extract 3 :
page from Camouflage and markings theory chapter :

covering the production batches , the painting instructions , the paints observed on Fw 190D-9 sub-component by sub-component . Description and drawings of the operationnal markings (unit by unit) and description of stencils are also included . The evolution of the painting scheme is fully reported and completed with colour photos of wrecks of a recently recovered Fw 190D-9 .

Extract 4 & extract 5 :

page from detail review of individual Fw 190D-9 chapter :

This capter is sorted by prototypes and then production batch by production batch. Here Fw 190 D-9 W.Nr. 211115 , "red 18" of EKG(J) at Pilsen . Each batch is preceeded by a general description of the painting scheme , the detail review explains the common feature and the differences observed on a particuliar aircraft . Each aircraft is reviewed regarding five points :

The aircraft : precise information concerning this machine
The unit : the identification of the unit this machine belongs to , why
The camouflage : Desccription of the camouflage scheme , the paints applied on 4 main components of Fw 190D-9 (engine , fuselage , wings and tail)
The markings : oberved on this machine
The Stencils : present or missing (or not applied ) on this aircraft .

I hope that you will be able to discover soon all other pages of the book .

Eric Larger
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