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Re: Seeking information to identify a FW190 wreck in Norwegian littoral area


Interesting find as I have studied the Herdla Focke-Wulfs in some detail.

Markings are certainly White 16, not 1G! But what I would really like to know is the markings behind the fuselage Balkenkreuz.

There are two units which comes to mind, 1./JG 5 (1942-43) or 9./JG 5 (1944-45), if the number is indeed white. If it is yellow it belongs to 3./JG 5 (1942-43), which seems most likely.

However, 9./JG 5 is also a strong possibillity if the number is white as I have only seen such high ID numbers on Fw 190s belonging to this unit, not 1. or 3./JG 5. However, the version of the aircraft would go a long way in determining its origin, or at least exclude some possibillities.

Any chance of posting some photos of the wreck?


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