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Re: Seeking information to identify a FW190 wreck in Norwegian littoral area

Some extra information left out by accident;
* The plane has white or yellow wingtips
* The eyewitnesses reported that the pilot was rescued by locals
* There was a hole in the port side of cowling (approx. 30 cm in diameter). I think this possibly was caused by an outcoming rod (shoot-out) from an overheated cylinder. My suggestion is based upon the fact that an eyewitness reported thick black smoke coming out from the cowling before crash. No shooting were heard before the crash. Based on the reported weather conditions at that time (foggy weather - more or less no wind), this should mean that any air battle must have been taken place several kilometres away. The plane shows no sign of fire damage/impact.
Is it possible that the plane could be werkenr 5425 - FW190 A2 - IV./JG5 - emergency landing on sea Dec 15 1943(with reference to LUFTWAFFE SIG - FW190 losses in Norway)?

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