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Jagdfliegerverbände Vol. 11/I


Vol. 11/I - Mediterrannean ToW in 1943, first of two parts - is almost ready to go to print and I'm optimistic that struve as the publisher / printer will start to work on the manuscript within the next two weeks so that there is a chance that we will be out by the end of July latest.

While doing the final proof-reading I realized that we have rather conflicting figures related to the actual numerical strength of the combined allied air forces in North Africa at the beginning of the year 1943. While the units employed in North Africa - i.e. the Western Desert and Algeria / Tunisia - seem to be securely established, I have found no reliable information as to the actual number of aircraft, broken up into heavy bombers, medium bombers, fighters and miscellaneous types, which the allied air forces had at their disposal on January 1st, 1943.

Is there anybody out there in the community who could help me out and give me correct figures, preferably with a source ? This would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance and regards

Jochen Prien
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