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Re: Lyndon O. Marshall

There are 20 copies listed on ABEBooks. Some reasonably priced trade editions, some rather high. Also reasonably and unreasonably priced copies of the limited edition. You might look for a book dealer in England, to reduce the trans-Atlantic postage charges; the book is heavy.


With respect to Marshall I have very little on him post war. As far as I know he left the Air Force at the end of the war. He died on December 6, 2010, in Montour Falls, New York.

I really hate regurgitating the contents of Stars and Bars when there are copies available from the usual used book sources, even Amazon. Especially true when I am deeply submerged in A History of the Mediterranean Air War. Volume 4 at this point, with my eye on the remaining volumes. And research on additional subjects of interest to me, like getting my Victory Lists back in print, and adding some others. And maybe even an update to S&B.


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